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Case Studies

Colleges, universities, and PK-12 schools are revising curricula, systems, and structures to include Sanford Inspire resources—giving educators the tools needed to create inspirational classrooms.

Case Studies

National University Sanford Inspire Experience

In order to develop inspired teachers, higher education institutions must build the fundamental concepts into their educator preparation courses. National University is the pioneer in integrating Inspire at the Sanford College of Education. Here’s how:

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Embedding Sanford Inspire On-Demand Modules in Courses

City University of Seattle has been exploring a variety of ways to embed the Inspire modules into coursework. The process began by aligning module titles with syllabus content and state competencies for each course.

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Glendale Elementary School District

New Teacher Induction across Glendale Elementary School District has been revamped to include On-Demand Modules. Teachers are able to complete modules on their own time and then collaborate with colleagues and their coach to discuss implementation strategies and next steps.

Peoria Unified School District

All teachers across Peoria Unified School District are able to personalize their development through On-Demand Modules. By using modules in district wide sessions, each teacher can receive content based on their needs, ready to implement immediately.

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