Sanford Inspire Past Webinars

Catch up on any webinars you may have missed in the archive below.

A Close Look at the Sanford Inspire Domains: Planning & Delivery

This domain includes topics on elements of delivery and differentiation. You will learn how to plan and deliver instruction for English language learners, about the different elements of delivery, and differentiation strategies.

A Close Look at the Sanford Inspire Domains: Motivation

This domain includes topics on Motivation Theory and Culture of Achievement. You will learn how to create conditions in which students can become inspired, how to use praise to reinforce desired academic and social behaviors, and how to use the Expectancy Value Theory in order to increase student motivation.

A Close Look at the Sanford Inspire Domains: Professional Practices

This domain includes topics on reflective practices, culturally responsive pedagogy, and professional conduct for Pre-K-12 educators and teacher preparation programs. You will learn the development and research behind the professional practices domain, how to implement the domain resources and activities in Pre-K-12 schools, and how to support teacher preparation programs via the professional practice domain.

Sanford Inspire Integration Options

Hear from longtime Sanford Inspire users share their experience using the new on-demand modules. You will gain practical, proven strategies for integrating Sanford Inspire content; understand the diverse options for incorporating on-demand modules into your work; and prepare to integrate Sanford Inspire on-demand modules into your unique setting.

Integration into Pre-K-12 Schools

You will learn about the Torrey Pines High School Inspire program as an agent of change, how and why to build a Sanford Inspire movement at your school, and the goals and highlights of Torrey Pines Sanford Inspire seminars and modules.

Outreach and Implementation of Inspire at the In-service Level

During this webinar you will receive an introduction to Long Island University’s (LIU) three-tiered in-service implementation model and support structure, learn how to maximize outreach through strategic partnerships with community-based organizations and nonprofits, hear from an New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Inspire champion, and receive updates on upcoming LIU-Sanford Inspire workshops and symposia.

Building Sanford Inspire Teacher Education Curriculums

During this webinar you will learn how two department faculties created an Inspire vision for collaboratively designing teacher preparation programs and courses.